Angx World Show

State of the R is where you’ll find the works of SotR {solder}. “It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to feel right” is my core artistic mantra.

I am an artist, educator, and counselor who values diversity. I am into being who you are and supporting, while not getting in the way of, others doing the same. My creations connote a range of emotions conveyed through the use of textures, strokes, colors, and mediums. I enjoy creating artwork which is affective, specifically representing the ‘bright side of the dark side’ or the ‘dark side of the bright side’, reflecting an edgy, street art sensibility.

Angx is the ‘superhero’ (or ‘superego’) of my work, as it represents how society often urges us to put up an ‘everything is ok’ facade, but we all have ups and downs. My mission is to spread the message that ‘it is ok to be you.’ My artwork is intended to celebrate that perspective in order to boost mental health awareness, self-care, and self-empowerment for all.

I feel that art, both producing it and viewing it, can help encourage a culture of mental strength, empathy, equity, and belonging. Welcome to SotR!